Directed by Marcel L'Herbier

   This much sought after 1928 French feature film is presented here on three discs with a minimal amount of video compression. We have taken great pains to ensure that the film is run at the correct speed based upon the original edits and pacing (in this case just shy of 24 frames-per-second).
   Taken from the novel by Émile Zola, L'Argent is the story of a young aviator and his wife who fall under the control of an evil, manipulative banker. The story is set in Paris and is played out against fantastically elaborate sets. The camera work and lighting are at times breathtaking. L'Argent is a big budget feature made at the height of silent film artistry.

Full Credits:

Baronne Sandorf - Brigitte Helm
Line Hamelin - Mary Glory
La Méchain - Yvette Guilbert
Nicolas Saccard - Pierre Alcover
Alphonse Gunderman - Alfred Abel
Jacques Hamelin - Henry Victor
Baron Defrance - Pierre Juvenet
Mazaud - Antonin Artaud
Huret - Jules Berry
Massias - Alexandre Mihalesco


Directed by: Marcel L'Herbier
Written by: Arthur Bernède and Marcel L'Herbier
Based Upon the Novel by: Émile Zola
Cinematography: Louis Berte, Jules Kruger and Jean Letort
Produced by:Jean Sapene

Technical Specifications
Aspect Ratio Format Region Audio Video Language Running Time Frame Speed
4:3 DVD-RRegion FreeDigital Stereo NTSCFrenchApprox. 156 Min.(approx.) 24fps

Notes on Disc Quality
The film has been transfered from first generation PAL video and our quality assessment based on a scale of 1 - 10
(10 being optimal) would be 9+. The digital encoding for this disc
has been applied using an HQ Mpeg-2 codec
with low compression.